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Kudankulam Reactor: Criticality Now And Safety Six Months Later
By VT Padmanabhan, R Ramesh & V Pugazhendi
27 August, 2012

Criticality now and safety later!
The basis for making bad money is via fudging data so the falsehood sheen of modern civilization reigns supremely in all the great big frauds for the purpose. And this has some pretty dangerous extinction implications for life. It all began with the Hiroshima Nagasaki bombing aftermath 1945+. It was found that the ionising radiation, post nuke bombing in Japan, followed the rules of genetic theory: Mothers exposed prior to conception bore fewer boys and fathers caused fewer girl offspring(1948-1953) vide ABCC data. So why not add boys and girls appropriately to the data so that a PHASE II study will reverse the genetic theory? So 1819 boys and 753 girls were added to the Phase II database in the 1981 report on Japanese exposure findings without any explanation! The boys will reverse the mothers' exposure consequence and girls the fathers' expose! The witchcraft is carried over to this day. No genetic effect on offspring due to irradiation of the sex chromosomes screamed the retroactive addition to the ABCC data base. The ratio of added boys to girls is 1819/753= 2.42. Note this was backed up by secret collection of dead baby data and bones from around the world(Ref 2). With weapons and nuclear activities adding Sr 90 to the biosphere, ratio of the male to female mortality ratio for India in 1997 for the age group 34+ to that for 0-34 age group became 2.35. Infant Mortality Relative Risk for India Nuke era/pre nuke era became 2.35.
All three ratios statistically insignificantly differ from one another(Chisquare Test:Sum X^2    0.001947827
df 1
p 0.964797441)
Herein lies a terrible story of induced population explosion in India for the sake of survival. The Indian male to female mortality ratio 1.55 in the 35+ age group and 0.66 in the age group 0-34 meant that 2.5 boys must be born for every one girl born! See the full details of the Indian explosion saga at
Fudge the genetic theory and bomb with impunity or have nuke power programmes with impunity but you cannot reverse the consequences to life in the real world.
Added to this tragedy is the acute irony and Moorkhapaddhati(The rule of stupidity): Nuclear power programmes consume five times the energy equivalent of electricity that they deliver during their entire life time!
What is the biggest scam of the millinium?  Nuclear Power Programmes, of course.


Trivialising the nuclear powered reality
In the midst of FUKUSHAME'S calamity
The Indian government loads Kudankulam with brutality
Designed without any regard for safety of all the living community
Why they disregard thousands of cancer mortality
Thousands of infant mortality
That by fudging data they declare publicly
Irradiating the community is harmless genetically
Future generations are glorified into electricity
Only to find the balance sheet powering not the community
But only the nuclear industry
Over the entire lifetime of the irradiating monstrosity
And horror of terrors with such stupidity
Of not having learnt from water scarcity
They will reach criticality without adequate cooling facility
What will they do when by nuclear like daredevilry
The dams of the world cause Kudankulam to melt ravenously heatedly
Into the only ground water bodies of the entire community?
The unaffected people will then make the irradiated community
A dispensable useless living radiating community
But those wasted lives can no longer be disposed off safely
All the world deadened spiritually
Forever death dealing walking creatures deadly
Brahma's night of 4.32 billion years lifeless desolate reality
Kudankulam the nuclear industry feeding monstrocity 

Ref(1): Sex ratio of offspring of A-bomb survivors –
Evidence of Radiation-induced X-linked lethal mutations
VT Padmanabhan in
ECRR Proceedings Lesvos 2009

Chapter 13: The Practice of Secrecy
The AEC Addresses Secret Manhattan Project Experiments
As AEC documents on the fallout debate have become available in the intervening years, it has become clear that the government's effort to manage public opinion was rooted in a sensitivity to its importance. For example, in 1953, following the spring Nevada test series, ranchers in Utah began to report the deaths of their sheep from what, it appeared, might be radiation burns from the tests.[133] The AEC convened a panel to consider the continuation of testing at the Nevada Test Site. The panel concluded that continued testing was justified by the national interest, although risks were inevitable.[134] The tests to date were relatively safe, but there were serious problems with "public reaction."[135] The panel found that "a sufficient degree of . . . public acceptance has not been achieved."[136] Radiation remained a "mysterious threat."[137] But the government had surrounded the program with an aura of secrecy, its own statements were not clear, and statements by former AEC experts or officials had caused "near-panic concern."[138] The public, "which is expected to accept a certain degree of hazard, has not been adequately informed of the extent and nature of the hazard."[139] An extensive program of public education was called for.[140]

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